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3 Ways Every Business Can Prioritize Employee Wellbeing Year-Round

Oct 10, 2022

Suicide prevention is such a critical issue in our community; according to the Centers for Diseas...

Risk Management Human Resources Mental Health/Suicide Prevention
Addressing Substance Abuse & Mental Health in Construction

Sep 26, 2022

The following content is sponsored by Trimble. Long hours, hard work and increased odds for injur...

Risk Management Human Resources Mental Health/Suicide Prevention
The Why Behind DEI: Business Leaders in Action

May 11, 2022

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are at the forefront of workplace culture to h...

Human Resources Building Profits Diversity & Inclusion
Waging A Counterattack on Opioids: First-Dose Prevention Strategies for the Workplace & at Home

Mar 24, 2022

"We’ve been hoodwinked. We’ve been Deceived into believing that, when it comes to managing pain, ...

Human Resources Leadership Building Profits
What Workforce Shortage? The Problem Is in the Planning

Mar 24, 2022

Prior to, and exaggerated by, COVID-19, the problem among the construction workforce has been des...

Human Resources Leadership Building Profits
Laying the Groundwork for HR Management Analytics

Jan 25, 2022

As the world continues to shift and settle into a new state of normalcy, one thing remains increa...

Human Resources Building Profits
Growing From Within: 6 Stellar Performance Management Techniques

Jan 24, 2022

Attracting and retaining top talent remains front and center of many initiatives this year. A sho...

Human Resources Leadership Building Profits
Made, Not Born: Preparing for the Next Generation of Leadership

Jan 24, 2022

The word “leader” might conjure up the image of a CEO who has been running a company for a decade...

Human Resources Leadership Building Profits
Diversity Dialogue: Rules of Engagement to Begin Conversations

Nov 17, 2021

In July 2020, CFMA’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (now Committee) was formed to make recommen...

Building Profits Diversity & Inclusion Human Resources
Navigating Disruption: 5 Ways to Minimize Impact

Nov 17, 2021

In construction, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have included rising material cos...

Risk Management Information Technology Human Resources Budgeting & Planning Leadership
CFMA’s “Magic”

Nov 17, 2021

As a CFO, I am often asked for predictions from my construction crystal ball. What is our five-ye...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Building Profits
Celebrating CFMA & Certification Integration Progress

Nov 17, 2021

Congratulations, CFMA! To still be going strong after 40 years is an amazing testament to the ded...

Human Resources Building Profits
Effectively Managing a Workforce from Anywhere

Aug 10, 2021

As we have learned over the past 18 months (or so) to navigate the ways in which work is done, on...

Human Resources Leadership Workforce
Diversity Dialogue: Perspectives of LGBTQIA+ in Construction

May 03, 2021

“Pride.” This concept can be conflicting. It’s one of the seven deadly sins, right?

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Ethics
Threat Assessment: A Key Step in Preventing & Mitigating Workplace Violence

Mar 01, 2021

“If I lose my job, the site manager and his supervisor need to watch out.”

Risk Management Legal Human Resources Building Profits
Employee Retention Strategies During the Pandemic

Mar 01, 2021

Even before Covid-19, the construction industry was facing a talent shortage, and aging workforce...

Human Resources Building Profits
It’s Time to Stop the Pain: Preventing Overexertion Injuries

Jan 22, 2021

In the construction industry, overexertion injuries form a serious and growing problem affecting ...

Specialty Contractors Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Building Profits Risk Management
Diversity Dialogue: Shining Light on Necessary Conversations

Jan 01, 2021

In August 2020, I posted an article on LinkedIn titled “Racism in Construction”1 in which I share...

Human Resources Ethics Leadership Building Profits Diversity & Inclusion
Finding Opportunity: Protecting Your Employees & Preserving Your Culture

Nov 02, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, many contractors were focused on recruiting and retaining employees – u...

Human Resources Economy Building Profits
Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Construction Workplace

Sep 01, 2020

Given the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 throughout the construction industry, it is imperative...

Risk Management Human Resources Building Profits Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Diversity & Inclusion
Strategy is Changing, Again: Why COVID-19 Supports More Strategic Thinking

May 01, 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it may appear that strategy is dead; that strategic l...

Budgeting & Planning Human Resources Building Profits
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