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Caution About Verizon New Business Unlimited Plans

  • 1.  Caution About Verizon New Business Unlimited Plans

    Posted 05-28-2021 15:41
    Be careful with being offered Verizon's New Business Unlimited Plans. The advertised cost is only available if you have all the criteria checked.
    5+ devices on the Unlimited Plan
    $25 off if you are out of contract
    $5 off if you sign up for AutoPay & Paperless Billing

    So a $30 Business Unlimited Plan could cost $100 if you don't meet all the qualifications. ($75 one line cost without autopay + $25 if you are still in contract).

    Most sales reps push the new plans and even say you will save money. Changing to the new plans may also mean you lose any grandfathered plans that if managed correctly could provide a large amount of savings. If you need help or have any other questions please let me know.

    RJ Mahlie
    Mobilia Consulting
    (843) 991-7784